Traumen Glasberg Designs

Creative Solutions through Art & Design

About us

Traumen Glasberg Designs is a full-service design firm located in Central Minnesota.
We have served the architectural, construction, and interior design industry as well as the general public for the past 20+ years.

2-D and 3-D artwork, in both digital and traditional form, can be seen all around the United States in private and public collections,

including restaurants, hospitals, colleges and other public spaces. Our projects range from simple residential consultation to complex commercial concerns.

All of which are given the same meticulous attention to detail and with the same promise of quality and innovation. We feel that we have earned our

reputation of going above and beyond for our clients...what can we do for you?

Focusing on their dream of having an art and design business, husband and wife team,

James Lundberg and Rebekah Glasmann joined forces. Combining their last names and translating the german word,
"Traumen" which in essence means, "to dream",  Traumen Glasberg Designs was established in 1998.
It is with this spirit of imagination, we approach each project.
With uncompromising quality, planning and execution we now work to fulfill the dreams of our clients.

The Name

James Lundberg was raised in northern Minnesota.
By the time he began his collegiate career he already had experience designing architecture, painting murals and working as a photojournalist.
He pursued art and music and by 1992,
had earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Painting from St. Cloud State University.
After finding gallery representation, James designed for a nationally known awards company. Freelance architectural and industrial design followed and ultimately led to the establishment of Traumen Glasberg Designs.

Rebekah Glasmann was raised in the Twin Cities and pursued heavily the liberal arts, concentrating on music, photography and theater.
Beginning her collegiate career as a music major,

she studied abroad for a year in England and Europe and returned to St. Cloud to study art. By 1992, she had earned a Bachelor's Degree in
Studio Art and a minor in music. While pursuing art through gallery representation, Rebekah worked in sales, corporate management and the printing industry, leading she and James to establish

Traumen Glasberg Designs.

Traumen Glasberg Designs has collaborated with and supported several charitable organizations

and volunteered over 2500 hours throughout our community.  With a desire to make a positive, thoughtful and lasting impact,

we continue seeking to enrich our community and make it great place to live.


The Artists

                                        Lead Artist & Designer                                                      Artist & Project Coordinator