Traumen Glasberg Designs

Creative Solutions through Art & Design


The 12 panel work, is a multi-dimensional sculpture Commissioned by

the City of St. Cloud. 

Made of Coated Aluminum,  The work is a visual metaphor for The Mississippi River, during the day reflecting it's environment and at night lit by high powered LED's, is usually an aqua blue, but on special occasions can be lit with alternate colors, as seen here on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.


  “Forces of Knowledge”

at SCTCC.     Mechanical,

Electrical, Chemical & Creative.  

 Literally an oversized stack of books

straight out of a fairy tale. commissioned

for public library at the Sartell Community center. 

The clock

was custom

designed & hand built with 12 functioning clocks & Westminster chime.

A collage representing an

“explosion of knowledge”, influencing

academics at SCTCC's Health & Science Program.

A free standing sculpture acts as a visual guide

through the room and as donor recognition.

MN Vikiings

Training Facility

Custom Shields


Great Shining River

Reflecting the

light of the




North Mankato

The Gift

The six diss in the brain rotate

constantly changing the composition



10  foot

1200 pound